The Miracle Plant - How to Grow Your Own Aloe Vera

Miracle Grow Fertilizer - The Miracle Plant - How to Grow Your Own Aloe Vera

Hi friends. Today, I learned all about Miracle Grow Fertilizer - The Miracle Plant - How to Grow Your Own Aloe Vera. Which may be very helpful to me and you. The Miracle Plant - How to Grow Your Own Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is a phenomenal plant to have around. It has been referred to as The Miracle Plant because of it's many healing properties and is used in a myriad of home remedies. Instead of always going out to get your supply, why not own one for yourself? Here are instructions on how to grow your own aloe vera.

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Miracle Grow Fertilizer

Selecting And Planning The Site
First, you need to determine if you are growing it indoors or outdoors. Aloe flourishes in warm and dry locations and are very frost tender, so if you plan to grown outdoors, you should be living in a very mild climate. Your aloe should be planted in full sun or light shade and the soil should be somewhat fertile and fast draining.

If you are planting indoors, you should plant in soil that is rich in capability that contains a mixture of sand, compost and pebbles. When grown indoors, it's best to leave your plant in the pot near a window so that it gets moderate sun but not direct. It can be moved outdoors during the summer months.

The Requirements
aloe cutting or plant/root clay pot(s) select a wide pot instead of a deep one as aloe roots spread outwards. Also be sure that the pot has good drainage. potting soil 3/4 dirt to 1/4 rock mixture

The Steps
Fill the clay pot with 1 1/2 each of potting soil and the dirt/rock mixture. Place the aloe cutting in the town of the pot 1-2 inches deep into the soil. If you're using the plant/root, place the whole plant under the soil along with 1-1 1/2 inches of the plant. Press the soil firmly around the base of the plant. To fill the pot, you can use extra soil if necessary.

Symptoms Of A Sick Plant
If the leaves lie flat instead of upright, your plant is not getting enough light. Although aloe turns brown in harsh sunlight, it still requires a fair amount of light If the leaves are thin and curled, this means it's not getting enough water and is therefore using up it's own liquid. If the leaves are brown, your aloe is getting too much direct sunlight. Very slow increase could mean there's too much alkaline in the water or soil. It can also mean that your plant has been too damp for too long or it's getting excessive fertilizer.

If you grow your aloe plant under suitable conditions as discussed, it is very likely that you will see determined results. As your aloe grows, it will begin to produce offshoots or "pups" You can harvest these babies and replant them. Or even better, spread the healing and give them out to your friends and neighbors!

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